Link to the Original Artwork

A couple quick thank you for links, Brigid at Paperless Comics, Xerexes at Thank you!

The next person I wished to blog about who gave editorial assistance was Dylan Meconis. You may know her for her funny and popular online (and now in print) comic Bite Me! Or you may know her for her very beautiful and incredibly engrossing werewolf story centering on of Luther Levy called Family Man which she is currently writing drawing and posting. She also illustrated the graphic Novel Wire Mothers, her main website is here, and her blog is here. For twitter, facebook, and favorite brand of ketchup, you’ll have to do your own searching.

On Spacetrawler, she provided editorial feedback on the first batch of scripts back in the beginning of September. I think I found it most helpful in that she helped me clarify what was likable and non-likable with the characters, as well as the in honing the dialogue. Things I was really struggling with at the time. Thanks, Dylan!