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Nope. No Stumptown Con report yet. Still catching up from the weekend.

Of note, in the 6th (8th?) panel, Nogg is using a laserblade. Retractable and portable. Nothing fancy. But those who were curious from its mention here, now you know.

And I love Stephen Hawking’s recent take on Alien visitors. That they’ll probably be searching to colonize new planets since they’ve likely used up all their resources back home. Kinda like Columbus, Hawking said, “which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

I agree, in ways, with his sentiment. And sure, there’s a possibility of that. But one only has to read a few dozen sci-fi books to see that there are SO MANY possible scenarios to contact with aliens. If it happens, I wonder what it will be? Good guys or bad guys or really really desperate guys.

If they offer candy, and ask me to get in their spaceship, though, I’m totally in.