Sold! Link to the Original Artwork

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Had a lovely week, and it’s 11:45 and I’m just uploading the strip, 15 minutes to go.

A good week. On Thursday I wrote a 5,200 word sci-fi/horror short story, which was very exciting. I love playing with ideas. Discussed scripts with Tom over at Marooned. Started work on a new MAD Magazine assignment I got. Good times.

Beth and I saw a very silly 4th of July parade from a bar window with Dan and Leslie. Later, I went to potluck and made an apply pie with granny smiths (oh, and a few days ago I made both pizza and Southern Red Velvet cake from scratch). Beth and I then watched the fireworks from a half dozen towns, including the Seattle finale, on our drive home (nice timing!)

And then today’s strip (and Wednesday’s) have just kicked me up and down the street. Building the bikes and backgrounds and piecing it all together. A grueling pleasure, but a very very good grueling pleasure. :)

Thanks for the link last week from Sunset Grill!