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For those who looked through the archive on Monday only to find all the strips “SOLD,” that was a glitch. Plenty are still for sale. My apologies.

And thank you for those who purchased! I’m glad that ball is rolling.

So they’re leaving Tornitus 6. Funny how for months I was planning that out, and then it took about 2 months to play it out. But I’m very happy, as well as excited for all that’s next.

If you want to read their visit to Tornitus 6 all together, it starts here in the archive, or read it via the TAGS here.

I haven’t had the time to keep up on news or anything the past couple weeks. Been writing short stories and spending time with friends. For some reason I’ve had suspense/horror audiobooks on rather than sci-fi. Then I suddenly switched over to Burroughs’s “Tarzan,” which is amazing, except on occasion when it gets too far into stereotypes. Having recently read “The Moon Maid” I am surprised how much he manages to rein himself in.

All is well in my world. I need some tea.