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First off, with a nod of thank you again to Chris Hastings of Dr. MicNinja, I wanted to welcome new readers. I do hope you’re enjoying the ride.

Thank you for the donations to Beth and my walk on Sept. 4th to benefit the Pig’s Peace Sanctuary. If you haven’t donated, you can still support our walk by either donating, or by bidding on a drawing I did of a pot bellied pig: Auction ends tonight, Wednesday, 5:00pm PST (every penny will go to the sanctuary). Help the piggies!

pot_belly_pig_STI spent the weekend at Chief Timothy campground, located on a small island in Snake River near Clarkston, WA. I thought I’d share some pictures I took with y’all.tripAnd lastly, a picture displaying my fondness for Macaroni and Cheese.