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Thanks to Enosh74 for the awesome review of Spacetrawler over at Faceplant! Nice. :)

Hugo awards were given. Great job to the amazing Foglio team for Girl Genius! And I’m glad the movie Moon is on the list. What a fabulous film.

Beth and I walked 6 miles for Pigs Peace Sanctuary this weekend. I brought them a copy of the drawing I did, which meant that the person we showed it to shuffled us over to meet the head of P.P.S., Judy, who was very nice and told us a story of one of the abused pigs who’d fallen into their care (the drawing reminded her of him). It was heartbreaking story, but had a happy ending, thanks to P.P.S. Anyhow, I don’t have a good picture of the two of us, but here’s an okay one of me in the pig walk tee.