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The first panel of this strip is somewhat of a flash-back to panel panel #9 from an early strip where Nogg was describing how horribly wrong things went at the G.O.B.

Did you know that scientists have discovered how to turn skin cells into blood cells? Frikkin’ awesome news, especially for those with rare blood types. A tad creepy, as are all things biological, and I could see it being written about freakily (and probably incorrectly) in horror stories. And thus the world turns. Hell, if I wrote horror stories, I’d do it myself.

Lastly, the¬†form-to-nominate is up for the “Webcomics List Awards,” and there happens to be a category for “best new comic.” I’m just sayin’…..

p.s.-apologies for further delays on the holiday card. There was database issues at Topatoco, and I’m not sure how soon they’ll be resolved. So, um. Spacetrawler¬†T-shirts and mugs, if you want ‘em. :)