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Happy MLK day. Hello. And so we begin with book #2. This book will be titled, “Brograhm’s Teeth,” and so I thought I’d start you off with a brief history of the name.

A few things I wanted to mention today. First, I really love the comic Dicebox, I even did an 8 page fill-in for Jenn years ago. Well, she finally is coming out with a book. Totally pre-order. Amazing stuff.

I just received my copy of Tom Dell’aringa’s new Marooned collection: Mars Wars (in which I have a 2 page contribution), and the collection looks great.

Thanks to Tom Truszkowski (Station V3) and Mark Mekkes (Zortic & Saucer Seekers) for the mention in their podcast Podwarp episode #34, somewhere around about point 3:35 (mostly just a mention really). They also mentioned another sci-fi comic which debuted last year, the lovely Ellie Planet X, which I was introduced to last week in wednesday’s blog comments.