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I have a convention schedule!

Spacetrawler Book #1 Release Party at the AFK Tavern in Everett, WA February 23rd, 8-10, if you haven’t bought a book yet (due out early-mid February), pick one up there, if you have, bring it on over to get it signed (and I hear they’re gonna invent the fabled (“invent the fabled”?) Limbic Fizzler, whee-hoooo!)

March 4-5 Seattle, Emerald City Comic Con (with Topatoco)
April 16-17 Portland, Stumptown Comic Fest
April 21-24 Seatac, Norwescon SF/F
May 6-8 Phoenix/Tempe, Leprecon SF/F
June 17-19 Philadelphia, Wizard Comic Con
Aug 26-28 Albuquerque, Bubonicon SF/F
Sep 11-12 Bethesda, SPX Small Press Expo (with Topatoco)
Sep 17-18 Boston, Wizard Comic Con
Sep 24-25 NYC, Wizard Comic Con

So, stop on by! I’ll post these again along with details of panels and etc I may be on closer to each date. And if any of you are on the ConCom (Convention Committee) for your local SF/F conventions and want me to be a part, drop me a line!

And some thanks. Thanks to Xavier Xerexes for a recent mentions over at Comix Talk here and here, and to Inky for the plug over at CoffeeTalk, and to Mr. D for the link from the NSFW Blonde Marvel (NSFW!). Thank you all!

And lastly, I thought I’d share a window into my process a bit. So, I needed to build a 3-D model of the G.O.B. Council Room. Not only that, I kinda’ needed to base the entire thing on one single panel I drew during the first month of Spacetrawler:

2010-01-11-spacetrawler_gobFortunately, I kinda knew I would be creating the room eventually, and so I had spent some time on making that panel good (AND I knew that the warthog-like “Narklon” would have some dialogue, so I put some time making sure it was a fun-looking character). So I took the design for the desk/chairs and combined it with a ornate centerpiece (which was designed after a chandelier) and this is what I built and now use for reference. Voila!