Been a nice week. Book was released (pretty!), there were (briefly) gumdrops in the cupboard, and I got a chance to even begin my taxes. How luxurious!

I should mention here that “Spacetrawler book 1 — The Human Seat” is NOT ONLY FOR SALE, but is also ripe to be nominated for the Hugos in the category of “Best Graphic Story.” So, if you wish to nominate it (you must already be a member Renovation, nominations due¬† March 26th), you have my support (and encouragement).

Oh, and if you want to express your pleasure with Spacetrawler on Goodreads, Matt has created a page for it there.

Some thanks to go out there. Thanks to James Anderson of “Ellie on Planet X” for his sweeeet graphic link to here as well to my other two comics Bruno and Little Dee. Thanks for the mention of the new Spacetrawler book from Xaviar Xerexes¬† over at Comixtalk, and Gary Tyrell over at Fleen. Also, Rembrand Le Compte (Beardfluff) mentioned that Spacetrawler’s one of his favorite comics over at Gafbo, awwww. :)

Oh, and for those of you who have asked about my work for MAD, I do a semi-regular strip in their “Strip Club” pages, entitled “It Only Hurts When I Laugh.” And I’m in the most recent issue (with A.E.Newman-as-Justin-Bieber on the cover), so, check it out. :)