I had a lovely birthday, thank you for the well wishes. Very quiet. Saw some friends. Beth and I went out for a milkshake. Good times.

I’ve been enjoying Drive by Dave Kellett a lot lately. Maybe I just like galactic councils, maybe I like long stories that feel epic, I don’t know. But recently he put together a website independent of Sheldon and the strip really feels like it’s been gelling. Go, Dave! :)

Limbic Fizzlers at the AFK

Thanks to those who braved the unpleasant weather last week for the Spacetrawler book release, it was excellent to meet you who made it, and to meet the good folk at AFK Tavern who treated Beth and I awesomely, including making us Limbic Fizzlers! Sweet.

Hard on the heels of that, this coming weekend is the Seattle Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. Come. Find me at the Topatoco Island. I will have books!

(Or simply buy a book online)