Hello everyone! First off: I’m still alive. Yay! Thank you all for the awesome well-wishes. I am recovering as fine as one could expect. I’ve been finding a decent balance between an oxycodone zombie high and being in pain, and with each day I am needing the pain pills less. Yay again!

I’ve decided to attempt to keep up my Mon/Wed regular posting schedule through this. Today’s was the easy one (although last Wednesday’s is still NOT finished), since I had 5 days to complete it. But we’ll see if the next three strips will be as easy. Not only due to my recovery slowing things up, but also because this Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at:

Yup! LepreCon. Tempe, Arizona. May 6-8 I’ll have a table in the dealer’s room, and will be on 3 panels, so come on by!

1. LIT – HUMOR IN SCIFI WRITING                                 Fri 5p-6p, Joshua Tree
2. ART – LIFE STUDY                                                             Sat 6p-7p, Palm F
3. LIT – WORLDBUILDING IN WEBCOMICS                   Sun 1p-2p, Xavier

In comic news, for those of you at TCAF (Toronto Comics Art Fest) this weekend, Chris Hastings will be releasing his first full color Dr. McNinja book there, so pick one up! And if you’re in Brooklyn this Friday, Zach Weiner is releasing his first collection of SMBC. Both awesome comics.