So, today’s kinda’ a “big reveal” strip. Something to change the shift of perspective of a lot of things. There will be another couple of strips giving more detail, but today’s is one to pay attention to and think about in terms of the Spacetrawlyverse.

Soon enough the exposition will be done and we’ll get back to the fluff which is Spacetrawler — cute outfits and shooting aliens. Rock on!

In webcomic news, congrats to Axonite for having reached 8 years of his SciFi webcomic Station V3 , sweet! And congrats to everyone who had a stellar weekend at TCAF. Although I know you all secretly wished you were at:


LepreCon was an excellent time. I did a panel on humor with Mel Tatum (filkist) and Gini Koch, who was a total hoot and whose “Touched By An Alien” series is loads of fun. I got to meet Seanan McGuire (author and musician), who was as smart as a frikkin’ whip (and used to read Bruno in high school, that was SO nice to hear), and Marcy Rockwell, who was so nice and thoughtful and fun and I’m really looking forward to reading her book “Legacy of Wolves.”

And I tabled beside Ashley Barnard, who was excellent company, and writes urban fantasy — I bought her book “Shadow Fox” which I’m looking forward to reading. I had some really interesting conversations about SciFi conventions and traveling with t-shirt printer extraordinaire, Scott Dennis. And of course, it was fun chatting with SS Crompton, a delightful fellow, who does comics for all your very-NSFW comic book needs.

And that’s it! And so I’ll leave you with a fun picture of my new hot friend, Gini, and me: