As you can see in the banner below the strip, I’ll be tabling at the Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend, Friday-Sunday the 17th-19th. Come by and say hello! The hours are:

Friday noon-8
Saturday 10-7
Sunday 10-5

For those of you who earnestly theorized that maybe Krep and Pierrot were actually dead, I hope this strip makes up for it a tiny bit by giving Mr. Zorilla your voice.

It was nice to receive a nod from David Brin (auther of the “Uplift Universe” series), it’s always a good feeling when you hear that people whose work you respect have you on their radar.

You’ll be happy to hear that Beth and I DID get away for a night. We rented a cabin and had a lovely time despite the cold and lack of much sun. We made a fire and burnt the hell out of a pan cooking some (surprisingly delicious) French toast. We hiked around the area, we read poetry. All-in-all, it was pretty classic. And I feel refreshed and revived and ready to tackle the next several weeks of non-stop work. Aye-yi-yi!