Happy 4th of July. Drive safe.

Convergence was a sight to behold. An around the clock party for the geek set taking over the entirety of a two tower motel. Days spent in the “Dealers Room” talking with fans — ones who have been reading my work since “Bruno“, to people who’d never heard of me. Evening’s spent wandering halls where every doorway led to a different geek-themed party. All with frequent trips to the PB&J room. The costumes and craziness was overwhelming, but it was mostly the utter acceptance and good will which impressed me. I never set foot in any place the entire convention where ANYONE looked at me funny like “what the hell are you doing here,” more often than not they’d hand me something blue to drink.

Thanks to Betsy, Mike, Doug, Ellie, Bruce, Julie, Mya, Dave, Brickston, Felix, Regina, Connie (heh), Amanda, Carlos, Gwen, Don, Molly, Nick, Chris Nitz, Megan, Richard & Suanna, Ski, Denise, Kate, Lisa, Ben, Oz, Jeanie, Bonnie, Gordon Smuder, Brian Keene, the good folk at the Splounge, Con Suites, and everyone else who helped me in making this such a fun weekend. And special thanks to Hedgie, who connected all the dots.

Of course, I missed my lovely Beth and the cats. Ah, the duality of traveling away from home.

I didn’t do a lot of standalone sketches at this convention, mostly sketches in books. But for some reason of the giveaway sketches I DID, I had Dimitri on my mind, possibly because of the massive amount of booze which seemed to be consumed by (most) all of the attendees in the evenings. The girl sketch at the bottom, I’m not sure who she is, just a sketch I guess, steampunk maybe?