So, I have a portable word processor, and on the plane ride to Minneapolis I was in the groove and outlined the rest of the year’s scenes/situations including writing a few pivotal strips. I also wrote extensive notes on two other projects I’m working on. So, this word processor is awesome in that it’s light, portable, and the batteries last about 20 hours. It DOES use a palm-pilot virtual memory, so if the batteries die, ALL data is lost. But in the past, when not using it, it would keep some minimal charge for MONTHS. (Do you see where this is going yet?) Exactly. All gone. And I haven’t thought about the ideas at all since I wrote them down because I’ve been super-busy and because I wrote them down.


Trying REALLY hard to remember, and I know I had some really good brand spankin’ new ideas, but so far the memory well of what I wrote has been totally dry.

Ooohhhh, so frustrating. And I’m usually such a good backupper. I’m also really good at saying “water under the bridge,” but this one is REALLY difficult.

On a happy note, I posted a recipe blog about making Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Tarts over at Cookrookery. Check it out.

And…. if you like a strip, you should always click below. Really. :)