As you can see above, I’ll be in Albuquerque this weekend at the SciFi Expo. (along with Cordelia from Buffy, Chekov from Star Trek, and Darth Maul from Star Wars, among others.) So come on by and say hello. :)

THE SHIRTS: I received only two orders for the Pierrot shirt after a week, and so I have canceled the Pierrot Shirt :( And I have not met the 20 shirt minimum for the “Purfin M-32” T-Shirt design yet (I’ve sold 9). I need to make that minimum or cancel this shirt as well.

And on my end I’m totally willing to do the work, the long haul, whatever it takes, (I even made an advertisement). So, let me sweeten the pot: I’ll include a 4×6 sketch (like I’ve posted from recent conventions) along with any pre-order (and this is retroactive for those of you who already ordered). So, ORDER A SHIRT!

Also, remember: this is a pre-order.  Which means that when you order now you’ll have a huge range of sizes and styles to choose from, but beyond your specific orders, I will be printing only a limited number or styles and sizes, which means that later you WON’T have a huge selection. So, order them while you still have an AWESOME selection.