I had a lovely time at InterventionCon. And even though I really came to them last-minute, Onezumi and Harknell totally found a place for me in the whole thing, I really appreciate it. And thanks to the amazing Gloria Chapa who made sure all us guests had the support we needed. You guys were great, thank you.

And it was so good to see Shaenon Garrity and Pete Abrams, and also to meet Jeffrey Channing Wells, Jennie Breeden, and T Campbell among many.

And the conventioning is still not over. This coming weekend I’ll be doing the Saturday-one-day-indie-comics expo MICE up in Boston, and then the next weekend APE in San Francisco. And then I rest for a wee little bit. Well, probably not.

Oh, an amusing link from Fish in the comments last week, but nicely tied into today’s strip: the world of REAL Bar-Bots.