Got a new wallpaper for ya, from Russia with Love “these lips don’t come with a safety, baby. (donate ANY amount and you will be forwarded to the URL for this wallpaper, or view the thumbnails of the other Spacetrawler wallpapers)

Thanks so much for the love, for both the 200th strip and the big reveal last Wednesday. The “worst atrocity imaginable,” like the Omelas, wild-eyed socialism, and from twitter: Living ships have been one of my “fav scifi tropes since Farscape.

Thank you all (I mean that, btw. I love those comments. And all the comments people left below the strip. I’m not being snarky).

In the vein of love sharing: my friend Rosey has her 2012 calendar of lovely drawings up for sale, and my friend Ashley J Barnard’s new novel (last in the trilogy) “Night of the Fox” is now out. Check ‘em out!

For just coolness, here are some awesome collages by Beth Hoeckel (several are sort-of sci-fi themed). And there’s a pretty nice (although NSFW) collection of women in Sci-Fi over at tumblr: Space Bitches — some racy some not.