Well, I’ve name-dropped “Qwahntoo” several times now. I mentioned that it he was who enslaved the Eebs, and showed here the creature who enslaved the eebs. So, I think several of you pieced together. I wasn’t really keeping it a mystery for dramatic tension or anything, as much as I wanted book #2 to keep focused on Kuu-Drahc as the figurehead of the evil empire. Expect much more of Qwahntoo in book #3.

If you wish to re-read everything on him, click on the Qwahntoo “tag” or click here for the tag page. I have gone back in and added his name to (hopefully) all the times he appeared or was mentioned.

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I’m going to a reading book group today. We’ve read “Slaughterhouse 5.” Kinda excited as I’ve never gone to a reading group before. Yay! :)