Desa over at “Desa’s Dishes” talks tea cookies (with a nice nod to Spacetrawler’s “delightful side plot”).

That’s it. I’m going to spend the week drawing, maybe baking some cookies as well.

Happy Holidays everybody. -Christopher

You’ve likely tipped your mailman, trudging through the snow. Your waiter, helping them through college. Have you remembered your tirelessly updating webcartoonist, helping with their groceries?

As thank you (or incentive?) for holiday tips, I have made a very fun 17 panel holiday comic of your beloved Spacetrawler cast. After donating ANY amount (recommendation, $2-$5) through paypal (below) it will then forward you to the secret page (contact me if there are any problems).

Regardless of tips or not, thank you all for the support of me and my comics.