(**EDIT** colored and finished version now uploaded) As you may notice, the strip is not all the way colored, seems the queen is still painting the roses red. The finished strip should be up within 2 hours TOPS.

For that reason, I won’t spend too much time blogging today. Thank you for the advice regarding the Kindle (and Nook and Pandigital). I am definitely interested in b&w, for ease on the eyes. But your discussion led me to go to my public library’s website and see what devices their files are compatible on. Every kind of file is compatible on every device except Kindle. Except Kindle files ONLY work on Kindle and no other devices.

It’s an interesting choice on Kindle’s path, and no doubt inspired by MAC who knew their presence was strong enough that they could make buyers feel their way was inevitable (where else will one buy ebooks if not Amazon?). I have a personal/professional reasons why it would be good to get a kindle or to get something else. I’ll continue to ponder.

Heh. not that I can afford to buy, but I might budget it in if I feel it’s useful and warranted enough.