I think in the autumn I guessed book 2 will end sometime in early February. My best estimate now is March 5th. I think I have each of the final strips planned out, but you never know which ones will need more than one strip to cover their content once I write them down.

Having fun reading romance novels lately, studying (and really enjoying) the form. You can follow my reading (which is mostly audiobooks) over on my Goodreads account. (Although I’m currently reading “The Book of Three” from Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain series, inspired by Jenn and Kips‘ charming Taran Jack).

Racquetball continues. No collapse, heart-attack, or injuries (touch wood). It has inspired me to take up the gauntlet of granola bar making for my after-racquetball snack (batch is in the over right now). Yum!

And segue here, my friend Dan just posted a new recipe over at cookrookery for cold meat pie, inspired by Roald Dahl’s “Danny The Champion of the World” (one of my favorite novels by him). I just find Dan’s passion for food, curiosity for life, and amazing writing style compelling to no end. I also can’t wait: he’s finishing up a novel which, for the first time, he plans to release maybe this spring. And when he does, I’ll let you know.

My friend-and-often-collaborator Mike Peterson had some nice words to say about me in his really good daily blog on comics comicstripoftheday.com. I’m more mentioning this because it’s an excellent blog than the fact that he mentions me.