For a while now I’ve wanted to draw myself on the bridge of the I.A. Star Banger, so I seized the opportunity.

And, Whoot! This was the last strip for book 2. I have things lined up with the printer and it should be all on schedule. Excited!

Oh, and it means I have to finish plotting book #3 by Monday. Oh dear.

And you may remember I mentioned that you might maybe feel the desire to nominate “Spacetrawler book 1″ for a Hugo Award under the “Best Graphic Story” category, here is a final reminder (which I utterly lifted from Howard Taylor’s  Schlock Mercenary blog with his permission).

“The nominations for the 2012 Hugo ballot close this Sunday, March 11th. It’s possible that you have empty slots in your nomination ballot, especially in the Best Graphic Story category. To that end here are some suggestions. They’re in no particular order, except my own work is first:

  • Spacetrawler Book #1: the Human Seat (My kids read this book on the road-trip to WorldCon last summer. Yes, I encourage that sort of behavior.)
  • Schlock Mercenary: Force Multiplication (not that I think you have forgotten it’s eligible, but, the person next to you might not have been paying attention.)
  • “Schlock Mercenary: Deus Ex Nauseum” (the bonus story released at the end of Book 7. I suspect not very many of you have read it. If it gets nominated, a reviewer PDF will become available. This is not a bribe. This is simply a fact you might not have been aware of until just now.)
  • Skullkickers Volume 2: Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood (only available in print as of this writing, but you should be checking out the Volume 1 archives online RIGHT NOW.)
  • The Adventures of Doctor McNinja: Space Savers(I have it on good authority that Brandon Sanderson loves him some Doctor McNinja. A LOT.)
  • Drive: The Tesskan Revolt(My friend David Kellett has been itching to write true science-fiction for a long time now. Drive is where this love shows.)
  • Starslip: The Araag Im Encounter(I should have had Kris Straub killed before he told all the good space jokes. It’s too late now.)

That’s seven choices, all excellent, and five of them are available for your perusal online.  Now you can’t claim ignorance when your ballot is partially empty. And if you’re not eligible to nominate things, hey, I just provided you with a bunch of reading material…”

Thanks, Howard!