I just wanted to give shout-out to animals today. April 10th-or-11th is National Pet Day. And so:

1. Remember all the love we get from them, and the affection they show. Give your pet a pat of acknowledgement. Maybe spend an extra 10 minutes just sitting with them.

2. And allow me to urge you: if considering a pet, do not go to a breeder or pet store — ADOPT (AND spay/neuter). Approximately 3-4 million animals are killed in animal shelters per year. This is such a terribly sad thing. Please, not only is saving one from death a kind and benevolent thing, but perhaps building a loving relationship with them is a consideration worth putting before their breed.

Anyhow, If you agree, urge others in the same path. If you disagree, this might have come off as rant-ish — please know I wish you no ill-will.

It was gorgeous out today, and so my sweetie convinced me to go roller-skating. But after probably 1/4 mile, of all things, a wheel came off. Amazingly, even with my clumsy amateur skills, I didn’t fall. I’m just glad her skates were fine so she could skate back to the car for my shoes. :)