**** 7/14/2013 I finally got this strip done. If curious, here is the “draft version” which was previously posted. ****
Phew. Arrived home today and am totally and utterly beat. Up at 4 which is 1 here. Travel days can be so long sometimes.

But I look forward to getting back on top of things. Books in the mail hopefully all this week, and the full comic back in full-color glory on Monday.

And now I get to sleeeeeppp…..

—–And as it says above the strip, repeated here…——

The same thing as with Monday’, I am posting the abbreviated versions of the strip this week for now.

The final-with-color versions will go up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I will just plow on with the strip uninterrupted, and will let you know when I have the finals for these posted.

Book #2 (and related items) should be in the mail this week or early-next.