Remember Rikshaw Boans? Yes, we’ve begun book #3 of 3, so all of Chekov’s guns from book #1 and #2 will now begin to haunt you. :)

Ah, back in the saddle. Traveling is great, meeting you all is great, but it’s such a good feeling to be catching up again.

Now that Spacetralwer book#2 finally arrived, I’ve been working all week on packaging and shipping them, over half are out already. The PDF is almost done, will have it out shortly! I’m a one man show, so have patience! <3

Oh, and if you want to order one? Book #2 should be available at the TopatoCo store in the next week or two!

Also, while in Toronto, I hung out with Don (of Road Apples Almanac) and Brian, and one night for a writing/drawing/goofing-off exercise/game/diversion we drew three comics, each writing and drawing one panel of each. Don posted them over on his site (below the comic in the blog).

And also also also Jason Clarke did an awesome re-draw of the book #2 cover. Drew Struzan eat your heart out! You can also find this picture along with other guest art pieces on the Spacetrawler “fan art” page.