My friend Daniel and I went camping this week — off the grid, even cell phone service. One night: the campsite was forgettable, the hiking trails unpleasant, and so we built a campfire and talked writing, life, relationships, and more writing for about 9 hours straight (and several bundles of wood later). Good times.

Next we need to find some place we can get a cheap cabin for a week so we can go and each write a novel. Hm. it will happen, I swear.

I am TOTALLY envious of my friend Cedra, who got an art grant to go to the Arctic Circle to paint. I am eagerly (VERY eagerly, actually) waiting for a freelance check to come in, to pay back-rent and to pay to get a painting/drawing she’ll do on the trip. I only hope the ship doesn’t hit an iceburg and sink because then I wouldn’t get my painting out of it would miss her a lot!