So, for years I’ve illustrated serial stories written by Mike Peterson, which then have largely been printed in newspapers. And now, “Freehand” and “Hooch” are available as zines. AND he and I will be up at Plattsburgh in two weeks for the big 1812 Bicentennial Celebration, September 8th and 9th, tabling with booklets and talking to re-enactors and educators. Here is a quick descriptions of the stories:

Freehand: A group of American soldiers retreating from the defeat in Ogdensburg and on their way to the base at Sackets Harbor offer young Caleb the chance to join them, which brings him into the one of most important battles of the War of 1812.

Hooch: Kenny Rascoe’s lives in Plattsburgh with his Uncle Raymond, a customs officer, and then discovers that his Uncle George is a bootlegger. Raymond is a dependable source of security and advice, but George drives a flashy roadster and provides a contrast to life as a dairy farmer.

What else in my life? Not much. Working hard. Went swimming for the first time in years. Good times.

Oh, and Adieu, Neil Armstrong. You had a really contagious smile and inspired so many.