Do you remember Hein? I know that I wouldn’t have. So here’s a helpful link to where she was mentioned!

As many of you know, I blog occasionally with my cohorts Dan and Matt over on Cookrookery. It’s been a crazy busy year or so for me and I have not updated much, but I did. And it’s about avocados and pie crust. Hopefully I’ll start doing that again more, I think my interest in baking has been re-ignited a bit.

Thanks to those of you who were in Plattsburgh and came and said hello to Mike and I (despite being washed out by tornado warnings and downpours). Those of you who are 5th grade teachers or know 5th grade teachers, there are teacher’s guides for all those books. Contact Mike.

And I want to keep driving this home: those near or accessible to the DC area, I will be tabling and paneling in the D.C. area September 21-13 as a guest at InterventionCon. Last year I was there and had a great time and really enjoyed it. It is geeky and friendly and has a really great guest list of people with time and space to meet each one.