We saw the other side of this strip here.

Ill be at the Glens Falls Chronicle Book Fair this Sunday in Glens Falls, NY! Come on by!

Looks like I might be doing Nanowrimo. (National Novel Writing Month, 50k words in November). I’ll know for sure by Monday if I crashed or burned — I’m sure it will be one of the two.

Okay, so I’m part of a Classic Genre Fiction Reading Group over on Goodreads, and in the spirit of Halloween we were to read Rosemary’s Baby. Now, I don’t watch scary movies or read scary books because for some peculiar reason I find that being scared is a very very strong emotion and is relatively unpleasant and so I’ve put it off to the very end of the month. But I must give it to Ira Levin, it’s an excellent read. I am totally paranoid now — and I haven’t even finished.

Anyhow, since Halloween falls on Wednesday, I’m guessing most of you have already done your spooky celebrating on the weekend. Nonetheless, Happy Halloween.

Sandy didn’t reach us, which is good for us. Everyone I know of in NYC is still fine, so that’s a relief, although it’s going to be a long painful clean-up for that city. Sending out good thoughts to NYC, Atlantic City, and all other places hit.

Oh, and Rebecca Clements is back from her sabbatical, providing weird cool comics to the internet once again.