I know, the URL says this is strip “273,” right? That’s because when I don’t manually adjust the URL, it puts in a random name. Which means every now and then I drop a number.

What I’m saying is: this is strip 300! Holy cats gadzooks! Whoot! If I imagine drawing that many, but if you do it one at a time!

All is well. This month we’re moving AGAIN. But only across town. The place we rented sight-unseen from Seattle ended up being in a very loud (scrap metal yard a few houses away) and smelly (cement mill AND paper mill) neighborhood. Yay for new awesome apartment finally found, booo for having to move everything again.

What with that, Specatrawler, Thanksgiving travel plans, and a couple freelance gigs all going on, I decided it was the perfect year to do Nanowrimo. For those unfamiliar, that stands for “National Novel Writing Month” in which you write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. Since I generally write very over-precisely and over-preciously, it’s been a good exercise in relaxing and just enjoying the writing.

Lastly, it’s November. I know this is wayyyy too early for ME to be thinking about holidays gifts, but I know that YOU might be. IF you are going to be buying any gifts or gift certificates from Amazon, know that if you do so by going there through my LINK RIGHT HERE, I will earn a decent percentage from the sale of almost anything you purchase (or put in your cart) on that visit. So, please, support my work from almost zero effort and no money from your end. (or, of course, as always, my books and Merch over at TopatoCo too).