I was so hoping that Monday was my final day painting the new place (was there ’til almost 11:00), but I went back the next morning to pull off the painter’s tape around the built-in shelves. Lo and behold. My guess is that this one “wall,” which was a different color, was the only thing in the room which was oil paint — because the acrylic paint we put on top of it came up like it was nothing (EVERYthing else was totally fine, phew!). So, Wednesday I’m back to the tedious hell. Wheee.

To relieve some stress, I went to the drop-in drawing studio again. Some nice work came out of it. Still exploring, figuring out a good new comic style for whatever is next.

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope it is a warm and wonderful one for you. It has always been my favorite holiday in that it isn’t about gifts, just about people, food, and love. And more food. Preferably penuche fudge and apple pie.

I grew up vegetarian, and so we always had veggie lasagna as our main course, one of my favorite dishes. These days I don’t eat eggs or dairy either, and so it is an even more creative endeavor. But I thrive on creativity (and my mom, who will be doing most of the cooking due to us driving so long to get there, is so awesome about being accepting and accommodating — love you, mom!). The food and company will be lovely. Hope the same for all of you.