The holiday is nearing! As are any oder you might wish to arrive in time! My work can be found at Topatoco!

This Saturday, my sweetie and I had a delightful trip down to Albany to the Historical Albany Foundation Salvage Warehouse. For those unfamiliar with architectural warehouses, basically in your city old houses are being torn down all the time (frown). Salvage places go in and snatch up as much that seems worth saving as they can and then sell it. Generally cheaply.

I wanted to put in a plank of wood with hooks on it in our entrance hall, and I wanted the wood to look somewhat-at-least like the rest of the old dark wood trim. And so I found a long plank, and some old hooks. I ALSO wanted to build a kitty window seat, and so I found an old shutter and two old banister supports.

Sunday I put them together. Not the work of a fine woodcrafter, but not bad pieces of work. Oh, and finally stained my hideous pine crappy shelves so they would not not be utterly ashamed to sit beside even the ugliest of my other office furniture. That said, “red cherry” always looks fallacious, despite the desire for it to come across genuine.

I also made penuche fudge, but it didn’t fully solidify, and instead came out the consistency of frosting. So, later this evening, I may make a spice cake to go under it.

Oh, and my sweetie and I celebrated her birthday. And for it I painted her a little painting.