The strip of Yuri going down to Carpsellon is here (from here).

The holiday is nearing! As are any order you might wish to arrive in time! My work can be found at Topatoco!

Been busy. Today I went to a choir concert of the Adirondack Voices which was quite nice, although I kind of wish the gentleman next to me didn’t feel the need to hum along. I know, I’m a party-pooper, right?

The new apartment is settling in. We finally have internet. I lost a few hours of brainless distraction, but I’m over it and running.

I went to the drawing studio again. I intended to just mess around with acrylics, but Maureen (who also goes) had some water-soluble oil paints. How does this make sense? Anyhow, I gave up oils because of the turpentine and all that, never having a well ventilated enough area. But I may be back in business. Anyhow, below, the first two are acrylic, the last oils.