///EDIT/// I originally wrote this strip about Uranus, having forgotten that I’d already done a strip on that planet, and so I changed it to now be about Neptune. Here’s the original version. ///EDIT///

Trying to think how to sum up this week. Work work have floor put in work unpack work clean work. I’ve already let some family know that this year I’ll be sending New Years cards rather than Holiday cards. I just ate a leftovers dinner almost warm directly out of the pot.

I’m not really complaining, just telling stories. This was my week. I also sold a new strip (and maybe a second) to MAD, the second half of another freelance job came in, and I’m just finishing up the coloring for a third tonight. Yup. Busy but I got to do what I love (comics!) and enjoy our new apartment and watch the snow. Tomorrow I’ve promised myself a day off. Heh. As much as I can.