Thank you Frank for the fun Youtube link to a laserharp video, which closely resembled Nogg’s instrument of choice.

I’m reading Sword At Sunset for the Classic Genre Fiction book group I participate in over at Goodreads. I couldn’t find it on audiobook, but being that I was the one who suggested it, I’m plugging away (with my very-slow-reading-ability) through it (so far so good).

Speaking of Media. I really like the work of director Rian Johnson (literally ever since I saw the trailer for his frist movie “Brick”). I first heard about Looper about 3 years ago, and finally saw it. It was up to his usual quality, but the moral was “revenge and violence is just a bad cycle.” But the thing is, I walked away from the movie thinking “that was a movie which glorified violence for 2 hours straight.” It undermined it tremendously for me. Ah well. it was still quite entertaining, well acted, intricate, and a damn good piece of storytelling. I liked a lot how he showed things happen which didn’t make sense, and THEN revealed how they happened without making reference to the original events. Good stuff.

I was going to make chocolate fudge with candy canes crushed up in it, but decided I would end up eating all of it in about a day, and so I decided it was unwise. On a more peculiar note, my sweetie’s butternut squash soup has become one of my favorite dishes, I swear it’s crack. All i know is that the concept of squash soup being a favorite of anything is much to grown up for me. Sigh.

I made frames this weekend out of scrap moulding. It was tough work and I didn’t have the right materials and it took all day. Not a terribly enticing situation, but I think once on the wall they will be sufficient.