All these years seeing the poster for Les Miserables, I figured it was a tragedy, like the Little Matchstick Girl or something. But I just watched the 1998 one and it was a celebration of the joy of the human spirit and ended all happy! Boy was I surprised, until I remembered it was Hollywood and then I went to Wikipedia. Liam Neeson is no longer walking happy in the sun in my mind. Ah well. Perhaps I will listen to the novel on audiobook. I do like Hugo’s stories and ides, but not particularly his prose style. Or at least the translations of it I’ve tried. Oh, and Emile Bayard got chops!

And I made anise-flavored candies. Apparently candy is easy to make unless you want it to taste like anything or not be simply hard candy. Eating pieces like potato chips is not very rewarding in pleasure nor afterfeelings. I am going back to experimenting with molasses for my licorice.

Been busy. Trying to draw in new ways. Playing with new ideas and plots. Fun times. In my head.