It was already a til-midnight kind of day due to my totally slacking on my birthday, and then I was suddenly pulled in to move a couch. From Albany. The strip isn’t QUITE done, but should be within an hour or so done! (link to that half-done version).

Aaron Diaz has a Kickstarter running for his wonderful Dresden Codak. He blew his goal out of the water, yay! I’m looking forward to the book! Congratulations, Aaron!

And yet another reminder, I will be attending the Tucson Festival of Books March 9-10 at Tucson’s University of Arizona. I’ll be tabling with an enormously talented group of woman who write Romance Novels. Check out who I’m tabling with!

Amber Scott –
Amber Polo –
Belinda Boring –
Brenda Whiteside –
Clarissa Ellison –
Deena Remiel –
Donna Hatch –
Erin Quinn (aka Erin Grady) –
Gini Koch –
Kris Tualla –
Lacey Weatherford –
Lynn Rush –
Michelle McKissack –
Morgan Kearns –
R. Boschee –
Sandra Lee Smith –
Sharon Hamilton –
Tami Vinson –
vijaya schartz –
wendy ely –