Goodness, What a whirlwind my trip was. I was able to spend most of my time laughing with Gini Koch and Marshiela Rockwell, who are both total hoots. I’ve listed everyone at my booth man times already, so I’ll send out a quick shout-out of thanks for Kris Tualla for organizing it, and a hello to Lynn Rush and Deena Remiel.

I was very lucky to meet the lovely couple, Dan and Emily, who put me up the last night in the gorgeous Tucson desert at the base of Mount Lemmon. Some of the experiences which my path falls upon, make me feel so very very fortunate.

A bit more travel until I’m home Thursday night, so I am a bit road weary, but in a good way. Relaxed and feeling good.

And don’t forget to check out, Gini Koch posted an interview that she did with me over on her site. It includes a free Spacetrawler book#1 giveaway. Go give it a read!