Thank you, btw, thank you thank you all of you who put in orders and gave donations last week. it helped, and you’re the awesomest.

Had a pleasant weekend. Saturday I refueled my eyes by going (with my sweetie) for a brief trip down to the Albany Institute of Art & History (although their collection wasn’t really to our taste). Sunday I worked on house projects. Built a screen out of wod scraps and mesh for our skylight, re-strung all the chimes in our old wind chime, stained legs for our couch, glued together chairs, gessoed a canvas. That sort of thing.

For all (any?) of you fantasy writers out there, Sophia McDougal (of Romanitas) wrote a brilliant post on tips for making your fantasy book better. I am still giggling.

Oh, and, if any of you had any questions in your head about Star Wars making any sense, there’s finally a video explaining WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.