I have not been in a huge bloggy mood lately. Not sure why.

I guess I’m really overworked and a lot is in transition. Tucson was a bust (though a fun one), Minneapolis was Cancelled, Portland fell through. Been awaiting a possible contract that’s been under discussion since last June for a certain project, am gnashing my teeth to finish up edits to my novel to get it to my agent, and still am not sure what I’m going to replace Spacetrawler with when it ends probably early summer. Took a walk today, only to be cut short by the wind and cold and snow. Went to what I thought was a drawing class/group tonight, but nobody was there.

I’m in decent spirits, it’s not that. I guess I’m scattered. The only time I feel clarity is when actually writing/creating.

Maybe I will go make cookies. THAT is an AWESOME idea.