That first panel is for all you commenters. Ha! ;-)

Sunday we finally went to the Hyde Museum in Glens Falls. And I have to say, it’s small, but it’s a very nice art collection. The only problem with going to museums is it makes me want to paint, and who has time for that?

I did play racquetball this weekend, so, yay for that. Such fun. If you find something you enjoy that keeps you physically active (all you desk jockeys like me) do it do it do it (everything else I’ve tried, since soccer in High School, has bored me to tears).

Now I’m playing around with 3-D modeling (snort, because I have time for that). I swear, I will never, ever, EVER catch up. More cookies? Sigh. More kale. Mmm. Maybe I’ll make some kale chips.