I dearly hope I never drew Pierrot returning Dimitr’s gun. I looked, but I have this nagging feeling he may have. Anyone remember?

So, as you may have been noticing, the story is slowly coming to a close. I mapped out the remaining strips, it points to maybe mid-July, which more likely means sometime in August. And I have a question for you! I’ve begun writing the sequence of Dimitri handling the Galactic Secret Society, and so, are there any plot threads you feel need tying up? Any niggly bit which could use a cap to clean up? If so, let me know in the comments here. I may already have thoughts on how I’m going to wrap up you particular concern, but if not, this is my chance to toss it in!

Had a good week. Built a raised bed and filled it, bag-by-bag, with varying types of soil. Tiring dirty work, but satisfying.

Oh, and I finally finished and updated one-of-the-two strips I didn’t finish last May. You can see it here. Oh, and for those who missed it, I did eventually update the Uranus-should-have-been-Neptune strip.

Lastly, there’s a fundraiser for a book, Neverland’s Library Fantasy Anthology on the theme of “rediscovery.” Looks damn interesting!

Oh, and lastly last, thank you to Xaviar Xerexes for the shout out over on Alterntainment!