The kitten is doing okay. Still fighting a URI. Looking forward to in a week-and-a-half, the kitten will be old enough to get FIV tested, and then we can introduce her to the other cats.

And I’ve been meaning to say, thank you for all the kind words about adopting! My girlfriend and I have 5 cats (Babette, the kitten, if #5) and they’re all adopted. For those unaware, animal shelters in the US have to euthanize about 3-4 million animals each year because they were not adopted. So if you’re thinking of buying an animal in a pet-store or from a breeder, please don’t. Love is more important then breed.

I have not yet seen Iron Man 3, and not sure if I’ll get the chance, but I hear it is very very good. And I did an Iron Man doodle for my doodle group.