Note: The kitten is well. She still has a URI, but is doing better and is very playful and a real purrer. She’s good company.

I wish there was more time in the day. I built tomato planter boxes this weekend, but don’t have pictures to show yet because we’re flipping them upside down for now to protect our other plants from the late frost (tomatoes to be planted tomorrow). I’ve begun the sketches for a freelance job involving mice and crickets. I’ve just done the first attempt at final designs for the characters for the strip which will replace Spacetrawler (I finally have the style down, but only like 2 out of the 6 designs). Since I sent my novel to my agent last week, I’ve dug out my previous novel which had gone on hold, and I began working on that again.

Good times. I just have so many thoughts and ideas in my head, I wish time was slower or I was super-fast! Ah well. I love it. I just love it so much.