I had lunch with my drawing group on Monday, wishing one of our crew good journeys to Wales. That was fun. Tuesday I did a videocall guest lecture about creating comics for a school in Montague, MA to 5th graders. I enjoyed it, and I was told that they did too. Discussed with Dan the motivation to create art, always enjoyable to ponder. Other than that, I’ve just been drawing. Reading some poetry.

I heard they’re finally making a movie of “Ender’s Game” and so I re-listened to the audiobook. I have some a few issues with the book, but it’s still amazing (even if the author is unfortunately so extremely outspokenly anti-gay). Then I listened to “Silent To The Bone” a young adult book by Konigsworth, which was entertaining but I’m not sure holds up well under intense scrutiny. Next, “Pillars of the Earth” and “Mistress of the Art of Death.” Wheee!