Last strip’s discussion was so fascinating, I just HAD to fiddle around with the ideas you all brought up. Thank you!

And I hope you have a good memorial day. Thank you to those who have served.

If you’re wondering why today’s strip looks weird (including Martina lacking her red eye), it’s because the washes aren’t scanned in. Unfortunately, my Mustek A3 scanner died. I have a little scanner which I can scan b&w with, so you will not be without the strip the next few weeks. But I can’t scan in the washes correctly until I buy a new one. I should be getting paid for a freelance job in the next few weeks and will order it then and add the washes in once it arrives. A scanner has been ordered by a reader, Erik! I should have it by the end of this week (or early next week). Thank you, Erik!

Also, I have news. Great news! Penguin/Dial books will be publishing my comic strip “Little Dee” as a 120 page full graphic novel! I’ll be writing, drawing, and coloring it, and it’s due out in about a year or so. I’m very excited about this, what fun!