I have just added: all Kickstarter levels $9 and above will receive a free PDF of Spacetrawler books #1-3. I’ve gotten several requests for copies from people who have pledged at higher levels, and that seemed like a mighty good idea, and so, as I command, so shall it be done! :)
So, yes, the Spacetrawler Kickstarter is in the long home stretch. We have this week and next week left (through next Wednesday), so let’s go!
I have now added three “stretch goals
  • 20k – for everyone who supports at least at a $20 level, you will get a Dustin “chick tract” zine. Dustin “pens it post-spacetraveling” about what’s really out there (from his perspective) to the skeptics of earth. —-> ACHIEVED!
  • 25k – for everyone who supports at least at a $20 level, you will get a full-color “how to survive being shanghaied into space booklet” penned (and with pictures) from various members of the cast.
  • 30k – I will extend creating Spacetrawler, by postponing the next project and doing an additional standalone Spacetrawler storyline, lasting 3 months/24 strips.
But if I don’t reach ANY of these goals, know that I’m already more than happy with the enthusiasm and generosity you all have shown. You’ve all have been incredibly supportive, and this Kickstarter has already been a great success.
Thank you!

Annnnnd, when you’re not supporting me, there are a few other Kickstarters which look mighty nice.

Bill Barnes and Jeff Zugale have one for their comic Not Invented Here.

Tom Dell’Aringa has one for his comic Marooned.

Gini Koch is part of one for an anthology, Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens.

And of course Marina Abramovic is doing one to fund the creation of the Marina Abramovic Institute.

Of course, after backing the Spacetrawler one, who NEEDS any of those, but…. I thought I’d mention them. ;-)