I am so buried in work, getting the book ready for press. Today I pencilled, colored, and inked for 12 hours straight. My fingers hurt!

And I’ve been noodling around with ideas with my good friend Fred, regarding the strip after the Spacetrawler extension ends. He actually knows his science, which is a breath of fresh air (greased dark-light speed? really?) and so we’ve been talking about a theoretical SlingShot drive. Fun stuff. (Speaking of Fred, he’s looking for work in the Albuquerque area. If you know of any jobs he can do there or online, he’s a trained Science teacher and is also good at research, advocacy, sales, recruitment — contact me and I’ll put you in touch!)

And winter jackets! If any of you are thinking ahead for winter, and are interested in getting cruelty free (don’t use ANY animal products) coats etc, the amazing Voute Couture is releasing it’s new line today (wednesday, they’re guessing early afternoon) and is having a 50% off sale for the first 24 hours. A lot of lovely designs, and a good philosophy, check ‘em out!